SEO Meta Tags

What is SEO Meta Tags? And what are the most important Meta Tags for best on page SEO and how to write them?

I want to write this short post to help you understand the importance of SEO Meta Tags, and how to write them by yourself. It is a solid fact that Meta Tags are very important because it is the only way for you to introduce your site to the search engines and tell them what your site is about.

SEO Meta TagsWhen you want to introduce yourself to a stranger you start by saying “HI, My Name is, and I am a …”; the same thing with your website, it must introduce itself properly to the search engines. And tell the search engine its name, and what it is about. And without this introduction search engines will not recognize your site and will never show it in the proper search results.

There are too many Meta Tags, but the must have Meta Tags are:

Title Meta Tag <title>Your Title</title>

Description Meta Tag <meta name=”description” content=”Your Description” />

And Headers Meta Tags (H1, H2…) <h1> <h2> …

If you are using a wordpress platform you can install the “all in one SEO” plugin and it will build those Meta tags for you on each new page and new post.

To write your title and description you need to be creative and make some real research before doing so, and let me show you how:

Keyword research

You must have a keyword research before choosing your domain name, but if not it’s OK but you must do it now. Title tag could easily replace the importance of domain name.

To start a keyword research open the Google keyword tool in a new tap on your browser, then open word tracker in another new tap

Choose the keyword the generally describe your topic, put it on the keyword research tool and find what people search for exactly.

The keyword tool will bring you some great keyword ideas that you can optimize your website for; Google keyword tool will also tell you about the competition of each search term and the global searches per month. For example if I want to optimize this post I will use SEO Meta Tags and see if there are any related search terms

The picture shows a compensation people use when they are searching for “SEO Meta Tags” like “Meta tags for SEO”, or “Google SEO Meta Tags”. But here I am using a very specific keyword that will have only few variations, but if I used my general topic which is “SEO” or “Link Building” I will get much more variations.

When I did, I got a lot of results and I choose some that also describe my blog, I need people who are using those search terms to visit my blog, and are very targeted like

SEO Link Building

Link Building Strategies

Link building Services

Link Building Packages

Affordable Link Building

So to make a good title I can create a compensation of two or three keywords, and in the description I will also use the same keywords.

A good title will be “SEO Link Building Strategies and Services”

The description can have more keywords but not more than 5. The description also must be attractive like writing an ad, when writing the description you need to write it to users not search engines, you need to make people click on your link not only see it.  Make your own search in Google and see how Google list results and what webmasters write in the descriptions.

After having these 2 Meta tags, not only on your home page but also in each page and post you add, you are making it much easier for search engines to identify your pages, what each page is all about and where to index and rank each page.

Now you can add more tags like the heading tags to highlight some phrases, and image alt tags to also rank in the image searches.

Those are the only important SEO Meta tags, and you do not need any other tags to add, one good strategy for writing your tags, and find some great ideas for your Meta tags, is by finding your competitors Meta tags.

Go to Google, and search for your keywords, visit the first results, then view the source code of those pages.

A good SEO resource that can help you with keyword research, on page optimization and SEO management is SEOprofiler, you can check it out for only $1 and benefit from full feature service for full month, with all the reports, and research you may need.

SEOprofiler SEO software

Good Luck

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