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It seems that tiered link building is the best answer for the latest Google penguin and penguin 2.1 updates.  However it must be done differently than what we used to do it before the Panda update.

Tiered link building will guarantee increase on traffic, authority and actual ranking on the search engine results pages. But the main question remain :

How to build tiered backlinks effectively and have a good tiered link building campaign?

tiered link building, pyramid structureI will try here to answer, but as most SEO information lately don’t just accept any information, you need to be creative, and research your own niche.

Researching your niche, your keywords, and the results that are ranking high today will diffidently give you better understanding of what is going on today in the SEO world and especially with Google ranking algorithm. My last post was about a webinar that give some light on latest Google penguin update penguin 2.1 and this video showed how researching can give you some great idea on what kind of backlinks you need.

If you have not watched it see it here http://www.seolinkbuildingpackages.net/540/google-penguin-2-1-training-webinar/

I will show you at the end how and where to get all of your link building problem solved by one link building campaign, and how to chose the right link building sources to increase your actual ranking as fast as possible after all these animal updates and get your ranking on a safe status from any future animal updates.What is tiered link building?

The definition of tiered link building cab be simply described as following:

Tier one links pages are pages that have links directly to your main site and pages on your site. 

tier 1 —-> main website

Tier 2 links pages are pages that have links to your tier 1 pages.

tier 2 —> tier 1

Tier 3 links to tier 2 

tier 3 —> tier 2 

And so on …

Tiered link building in general is when you create pages on other sites that have links directly to your main website, it is tier 1 links pages; then you create another pages that links to tier 1 links pages, called tier 2 and you can go deeper by creating tier 3 and tier 4 and even more.

Tiered link building

Today tiered link building is the same but with main focus on the authority and quality of tier 1 links pages, to keep your main website safe from any Google updates you need to have only quality and authority sites linking to you; which mean creating content rich pages on authority sites that links to your main website as tier 1 links pages then build tier 2 links to those pages. 


Why tiered link building?

There are too many reasons why creating tiered link building to your main website, and those reasons identify why tiered link building is the best answer for Google Penguin 2.1 update and why it will be the safest link building strategy and keep your website safe from any new Google update.

Reason 1. When we get only authority and quality websites that directly links to our main site, our main site will acquire more authority. Today’s ranking algorithm depend on authority in the first place.

Reason 2. Tiered link building considered as a safety net to filter  quality of backlinks to your main website, with tiered link building you can use any link building strategy you are good at, and any link building tool you have to generate traffic to your website and weight to your ranking through a filter that is authority and quality pages in your tier one links pages. 

For example if you already have an article submission tool, and you know it is very dangerous right now to use such tool to generate direct links to your main website, you can still use this tool to link to your tier 1 or even tier 2 pages and benefit from the traffic you generate to those page and through those pages to your offers and main site, and generate more weight to the links coming from tier 1 pages to your website; and keeping your main website safe from getting low quality and spammy links. 

Now… There are some differences between SEO experts on the quality of tier 2 links, does it need to be of authority and quality only pages, does it need to be penguin and panda safe links. Does tier 2 links affect your main website? 

Honestly I personally do not know or not sure, so will not try to answer. But if you are concerned you can create good authority and quality tier 2 pages, then use your other link building strategies you are not sure of to tier 2 pages. This way i am sure it will never pass negative value to your main website.  

What kind of pages you can have in tier 1 links?

There are a lot of options here, like content sharing sites, web 2.0 properties, video pages, blogs from blogger or wordpress. wiki pages and so on. But there is an important issue related to tier 1 links pages. 

It must have a unique  ( not duplicated ) and related to your topic content. Try to have only pages with rich related content as tier 1 links page, then diversify the links by using more anchor texts, link with your naked URL, and create some deep links to your pages and posts. 


What is the best Tiered link building campaign for you today?

As  you can see, tiered link building could be a time consuming strategy but you know it worth the time and also worth money investing.

If you want to have effective tiered link building campaign you can use LinkEmperor service for effective, easy and fast tiered link building campaigns, you can join LinkEmperor for a trail period only for $7 with 1000 link building credits. 

Watch this video about tiered link building from LinkEmperor 



Another good fast and effective tiered link building strategy could be used with this software SEOzen  

 With SEOzen you can start new blogs, with niche targeted domain names, then use SEOzen to generate rich content and high page rank links to that content. It is amazing because it help you create private blog networks that attract a lot of targeted traffic and send it to your main website.  

Tiered link building is not just another link building strategy you have a choice to do or not, if you want to compete in the SEO and get higher ranking and be in Google first page or even number one result in the search results page, you need tiered link building. 

While keeping the other quality link building strategies such as press release, video marketing and guest blogging, generating more quality direct links to your main website, and avoid any other low quality link building strategies. 

We have huge success with Tiered link building especially after the latest Penguin update, creating quality content pages on WIKI sites, squidoo, hubpages and other high authority sites; then we used SEO EVO Pro software to generate links to those page in minutes. We did not only created high authority backlinks from those pages to our main sites, but we have some of these pages reaching Google top ranking in only few days. Which mean more targeted traffic to our content and offers.

Read this article Best SEO software

Good luck 


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  1. Susan Velez says:


    I’ve never heard of Link Emperor, but I no longer do link building. I used to do it in the past, but when Google tore down my sites I stopped.

    This is definitely informative information regarding tiered link building for anyone who wants to do it. Thanks for sharing and I know that it will help anyone out who wants to get started link building.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Time Management Clock – Taking More BreaksMy Profile

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